Love Birdwatching? Enjoy watching all kinds of beautiful wild birds from the comfort of home. The Bird Lovers Window Clear View Window Bird Feeder from Red Earth Naturals makes it easy for you to enjoy bird watching while kicking back in your favorite easy chair, reclining in bed, working at your desk, eating dinner or washing dishes in your kitchen.

Mounts securely to any window in your home. (Comes with 3 sturdy suction cups that make attaching the bird feeder to the window a breeze).

Made from acrylic, the see thru bird feeder will hold up in all kinds of weather and even has a top panel that prevents rain and snow from spoiling seed.

The bird feeder has a seed and water trough which can be filled separately. Or fill both compartments with bird seed. Comes with top & bottom perch. Accommodates 2-3 small birds.

Dimensions: Measures 5.9 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches

Capacity: 7 ounces of bird seed and 2.25 fluid ounces of water or fill entirely with seed for increased capacity of 11.5 ounce capacity.

Mount high on a window away from tree branches, window ledges, etc. so you won’t have to worry about squirrels. Do not mount on a sliding glass door. Note: the feeder is squirrel proof in the sense that squirrels can’t scale glass to get to it.

Easy to fill and clean. Wash by hand (not dishwasher-safe).

Purchase from Amazon and get a free copy of Attracting Birds to Your Bird Feeder. (Instructions for ebook are on the box.)

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