Do you ever wonder if your loved one is eating well while they’re away? We designed these tasty snack boxes so that you can make sure they have the tastiest treats coming straight to their door anytime you want to send them a sweet little surprise.

If you have a college student or family member in the military living away from home, sometimes all it takes to bring back the memories from home is a tasty snack from someone they care about. With our pre-packaged delicious snack boxes, you can easily ship a box of love their way to bring them back to Mom and Dad’s or Grandma and Grandpa’s house with just a bite of tasty food and a care package.

If you’re looking for something nice to do for a loved one that’s going to bring a smile to their face, send them one of our delicious snack boxes and know that they won’t be going to bed hungry.

The Contents Includes:

(2) 1.5 oz Nature’s Valley Granola Bars

(2) 2.0 oz Kar’s Sweet and Salty Trail Mix

(1) 2.0 oz Oreo packs

(1) 2.0 oz Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookie packs

(1) 1.75 oz Chex Mix

(1) 1.75 oz Gardetto’s

(1) 1.5 oz Chez-Its

(1) 1.9 oz Nutter Butter

(1) 1.4 oz Chips Ahoy

(1) 1.8 oz Oreo Golden

(2) .84 oz Chewy Granola bars

(4) .55oz Air Heads

(4) Bite Size Laffy Taffy

(2) .28 oz Slim Jim

(2) 1 oz Planters Salted Peanuts

(4) .9oz Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks

(1) 10 Pack Big Red Gum

(1) 10 Pack Juicy Fruit Gum

(1) 10 Pack Double Mint Gum

(10) Dum Dum Pops

(2) 1.3 oz Rice Krispies Treats Bars