Heavenly Floral

Our rose and jasmine bath gift set is designed for the romantic at heart and sensual of spirit. The classic rose
fragrance evokes a sense of beauty and unshakeable confidence, while jasmine gives off a sensually rich scent
that is as exquisite as they come. Soaking in this heavenly floral mix will uplift your spirits and melt away the stress.
And with every spa bath gift set coming with a 230ml shower gel, 230ml bubble bath, 120ml body scrub, 100g
bath crystals, 4 x 15g bath fizzers, and 1 exfoliating sponge, you’ll be able to turn every bath into an ethereal

The Perfect Gift

A gift basket is all about the presentation; and this rose and jasmine spa gift set takes it to a whole other level of
beautiful! We’ve opted for a gold theme that will strike a chord with anyone; young or old. Everything from the
impossibly cute miniature bathtub holder to the lovely bow is designed in golden yellow to exude total elegance
and class. It’s that one gift you simply can’t go wrong with!

Here’s why you’ll love Rose & Jasmine bath gift set:

– Contains everything you need to enjoy a relaxing bath.

– Incredibly beautiful gold-themed presentation that will impress anyone.

– Refreshing rose and jasmine fragrance that is perfectly balanced.

– High quality ingredients to prevent skin irritation.

– Leaves your skin silky smooth and moisturized.

Count on Giftsational’s rose and jasmine bath gift set to lavish that special someone with a sensational floral
fragrance that will take every bath to relaxing extremes. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!