Simple Elegance offers you a premium quality flickering, flameless scented candle with remote control timer for your decorating and entertaining pleasure. These candles add ambience to any setting. The flickering, flameless LED candles can be used at home or for decorating wedding reception halls, restaurants, church or even at work (if that cranky old boss says okay); remember, these candles are flameless and scented so there are no fire code issues or worry about fires from melting wax. These candles are lovely outdoors and add lifelike realness to any setting. These candles make great gifts including birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, house warming, bridal showers, wedding parties, retirement gifts or Christmas gifts. This vanilla scented flameless candle from Simple Elegance has all of the benefits of real wax candles without the dangers associated with a live flame. Safe, clean and beautiful, these candles are elegant, beautiful, warmly scented and incredibly life like. The flameless candles will provide many years of simple and elegant enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of wax candles and without the inherent danger of a live flame. CANDLE STANDARD OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Install the battery and slide the switch to turn on the candle 2. Put the candle on a flat surface 3. Slightly toggle the candle wick and use the remote control timer to adjust the brightness or set up the time. The Flickering Flameless Candles with Remote Timer from Simple Elegance come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. These candles are on sale right now, why not click the ADD TO CART button right now and enjoy the simple elegance of these beautiful flameless candles.