The Redneck Backscratcher puts the FUN in FUNCTIONAL. It’s the Best (or at least the Biggest) Back scratcher on the Planet. Funny Gifts for Men 30th 40th 50th Birthday Father’s Day Christmas, NASCAR SEASON OPENERS, SHACK-WARMING PARTIES, WRESTLEMANIA, TRUCK PULL GRAND PRIZE WINNER, etc. Gag Gift Idea for Man or Redneck. This product was CREATED BY REDNECKS FOR REDNECKS. Plastic and wood never looked so good as they do with the Redneck Backscratcher. One woman said to her husband: “I got you the Redneck Backscratcher…so you can use it on my back!” This product works great on anybody’s back and is handy in the yard too. Some phrases and words to describe the Redneck Backscratcher: funny gift for men, novelty gift idea, perfect birthday gift, great gag gift, funny cool gift, etc., BUT WHY WAIT for someone else to get it for you on your birthday or special occasion when you can order one for yourself today! FEATURES 15 TINES, which is like having 15 BACK SCRATCHERS IN ONE, giving you more enjoyment with less effort (We rednecks are all about MORE ENJOYMENT WITH LESS EFFORT). Great gift for Guy with a Back and a Funny Bone.