Features of this forever rose:
Real rose petals, stems and leaves has been picked freshly, dried, preserved, and painted, finally plated with gold to last forever! This is a rose that never die, which express your forever love to her.

Rose are handcrafted with more than 64 steps, and the gold leaves are also real leaves being crafted to a forever gold leaf, which add exquisiteness to the rose itself.

Languages of Rose Colors:

Red Rose: “I love you very deeply” “You are my only love in the world” “I miss you so much”. Red rose most commonly symbolizes love,typically associated with romance and are used to portray deep emotions

Blue Rose: “You are extraordinarily wonderful” “I can’t stop thinking about you” “You’re the best I’ve ever found”. Blue rose is a symbol in unrequited love as well as extraordinary beauty; it is an unique gift to take smiles to faces of your beloved ladies for their birthdays, Christmas and so on

Pink Rose: “Thank you” “Congratulations” “I will be here to cheer you on” “We will make it through”. Pink rose is a flower of sweet thoughts and gentle emotions; it would be touching way to say “Thank you” to a female friend and a beautiful graduation gift for girls

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