Expect More From A Night Light

– Stop stumbling your way to the bathroom, turn on the Luminight light remotely and illuminate your way to the bathroom with soft barely there lighting

– Banish scary monsters away from your child’s room – set it to the dimmest level and leave it on all night

– Provide colorful sensory stimulation to the child with autism while simultaneously teaching him or her the names of colors

– Scale up the romantic mood when getting together with that special someone – there’s nothing like a red silhouette of each other to set the mood, it’s like having a lounge ambience right in your home

– Create a “disco lights” effect at your next party by increasing the light intensity and rotating display speed

Best Of All Color Your Life – Literally

Cool down your headache with the cool blue lighting, get inspired using the green light, turn up the heat with the red light, dazzle with the purple light or simply set the light to amber and watch some T.V. – the ambient light will protect your eyes.

Product Includes

– An attractive gift-ready box

– Product manual, which details creative uses for your light

– Charger

– Remote control with 7 customizable options

– The Luminight LED Nightlight with 12 LEDs for optimal light output

Hassle Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

Now go on and color your life