NOTICE: It has been insulated when bale the item. After receive the item, need remove insulation paper by the side of the battery before use.

Main Function

Up to 99 wireless zones, each wireless zones can be defined as one of the 8 zone types, each zone can setup the siren independently.

Four sets of scheduled arm/disarmed function, each timed arm/disarm you can select the period of time and different defense zone

6 groups preset telephone number for alert calling not lost number without power

Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert. Maximum length of voice message is 10 seconds.

Remote control for arming, disarming, monitoring and speaking, setting up for relay and siren.

Wireless intelligent study coding, compatible with PT2262 normal encoding and 1527 encoding, Maximum support 150 remote control and 150 sensors.

Unique black box feature, display most recent 72 disarmed records and 102 recent alarm recording with accurate alarm time and zones.

Compatible with the international alarm networking protocol CONTACT ID

Panel technical parameters:

Material:plastic&electronic components

Wireless Receive Distance:300-500m open area

Wireless Frequency:433MHz

Input voltage:DC9V~12V

Recording time:10s

Scheduled Arm/Disarm:4 groups

Defence Zones:99 wireless+2 wired

Alarm Volume:About 110dB

Working Environment:temperature:-10-40 ℃ Humidity:≤80%

Package content

1 X Alarm panel (No include SIM card)

10 X Wireless Door / Windows Sensor

5 X Wireless PIR Infrared Detector

4 X Wireless Remote Control

1 X Wired Siren

1 X AC Adapter

1 X English User Manuel