This junior chess set for kids ( board games for kids, kids chess ) was developed in this form as a result
of our own experience to try to play chess for the first time with our kids age 4 and 5 years.
To start with, setting up all of the chess pieces on the chess board just seemed too difficult.

Product features

  • The focus is on the playful learning and practicing of the rules of movement
  • The manual contains 12 short and funny learning games for kids and numerous tips
  • Chess Junior, with its modern design will delight children and adults alike
  • The practice games have been approved by a top chess trainer
  • The great birthday gifts and christmas presents for boys and girls age 5 6 7 8 years and up

32 chess pieces in a cloth bag
1 chess board, 9 extra-thick parts [10×10 in]
1 game manual, 40 pages, 22 color illustrations
1 handy game box [6x6x3 in]

Game duration: 5-20 minutes, 2 players and up

Product Features

  • This JUNIOR CHESS SET FOR KIDS ( board games for kids, kids chess ) is to learn chess basics in a very EASY, FUN and laid back way
  • BEAUTIFUL CHESS PIECES ( cubes ) and a CHESS BOARD FOR KIDS which comes as a 9 parts jigsaw puzzle
  • PARENT CHILD TUTORIAL with 12 learning games and numerous tips for advanced players
  • Game duration maximum 20 MINUTES. This childrens chess sets and boards game is FSC® MIX certified
  • The great birthday gifts & christmas presents for children age 5 6 7 8 years and up