Have you ever encountered an emergency water hazard on the golf course and had to spring a leak???
Imagine! You’re in the middle of a golf course, and you really gotta pee. The club house is far away, and you don’t want to go in the bushes.

Introducing the UroClub Tinkle Club Gag Gift For Men:

– Best funny gag gift for men so you never pee by a tree again
– Funny Gag Gift for the person that has everything as seen on Shark Tank
– Portable Urinal funny gifts for men that can be used in ALL Emergency situations
– One of a kind over the hill golf gag gift ideas for the golfers in your life
– Best golf towel clips onto a waistband and provides a terry-cloth fig leaf for the full-bladdered male.

Designed to look like an ordinary 7-iron golf club so that it would “blend in” with the rest of the clubs in a golf bag.

The “secret” of the Tinkle Club is that it contains a reservoir built into the grip with a triple-seal screw cap. It is humorous and practical.

The Tinkle Club is totally leak-proof, easy to clean and easy to store in a golf bag.

It comes equipped with a unique removable golf towel clipped to the shaft that functions as a privacy shield.

We have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use this and do not love it, simply return it for a full refund.

Order your Tinkle Club today as a Unique Gift Idea for yourself or someone you know. The only golf club guaranteed to keep you out of the woods!