Take it to Work.

Massage feet quietly, discreetly sitting at your desk or at home while watching t.v. Just pull of your shoes and roll.

BOOST BLISS Get immediate stress relief as muscle knots melt, feel good endorphins release and built up tension evaporates.

✔ END FOOT PAIN Alleviate stiff, swollen, throbs and spasms.

✔ PERFECT MASSAGE EACH TIME You control the time and intensity. Versatile portability to massage anytime, anyplace.

✔ LARGE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN Massage both feet on high quality rollers.

✔ BOXED Great present for women and men.

✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED We replace, refund if you are unhappy with it.

✔ 2 BONUSES- Receive a 28 Page Ebook and Reflexology Foot Chart Tool to target key zones.

Bonte foot roller pain relief device combines traditional Chinese foot massager reflexology with modern massage. Textured wood rollers knead and stretch your muscles stimulating blood circulation but also erases the day’s stress. Large enough for both feet, you control the amount of pressure you use.

For Chronic Foot Pain, our reflexology tool eases plantar fasciitis, heel, arch, nerve, neuropathy pain and flexibility issues. Even athletes can benefit.

Our durable, wooden roller ergonomically positions your foot arch and heal for best results. Try it before bed to release stress for a better night’s sleep.

You deserve instant relief. Order Now

2 BONUSES-A 28 page Reflexology EBook and Reflexology Foot Chart helps you target key relief zones

NOTE: Bonus is sent instantly upon purchase via our company thank you email. Contact us immediately for any issues.

Product Features

  • SOOTHE -Proven science of 10 Chinese foot massage rollers rev blood flow in this acupressure tool
  • REFRESH -Massage foot, heel, arch, plantar fasciitis pain away!Get instant relief anytime, anywhere.
  • VERSATILE- Portable, easy use, dual foot massager roller allows both feet massage at the same time
  • HIGH QUALITY- GUARANTEED! Large Size, Natural Wood Construction. Size 11″ x 7.5″ x 2″ inches.
  • BONUS! -FREE 28 pg EBOOK & REFLEXOLOGY CHART Tool with Feet massager roller to maximize relief.