Want To Go Bird Watching Back Lack The Time?

Welcome the finest, most excellent, transparent, window bird watching wild bird feeder ever made – The Birdious Wild Bird Feeder.

Don’t Waste Your Time Hiking & Camping

When you put our marvelous window bird feeder on, you may do it from home.

Just apply it outside your window. Being transparent makes it very easy to see your little friends feeding, while you enjoy their company right at home!

When We Say High Quality We Mean It

 Free rubber, garden green, perch on all 3 sides & the roof provides comfort for the birds to eat & a fine view of them, for you. Ideal for nature/landscape photographers, documentary recorders or nature lovers.

The feeder is strong, holds with 4 dual suction cups for extra durability! It comes in 9.5 inches, an ideal  seed holder for all sized birds to feed upon, as they offer you a beautiful sight.

The tray is separated in 2, so you may put 2 seed kinds inside, without mingling with each other, plus a water section, from which thirsty birdies can drink –you can use it as a 3rd seed section too!

Squirrel Proof & Non-Water-Keeping Design

Ergonomic drain holes, are also able to spare the feeder from growing mold, or maggot appearing, or even fly visiting – it keeps always dry, due to the well shaped holes, that keep moisture away from the seeds. 

Works as a squirrel proof feeder too; does not allow squirrels to take it down!

It also works as a wonderful gift for kid, family, friends and lovers! Especially if you offer it as a birthday present to a kid – the kids love to play  with birds & watch them.

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Product Features

  • THIS IS A TRULY UNIQUE FEEDER: The only large acrylic feeder on the market with a removable tray that has 3 parts (2 for seed & 1 for water) to lure hungry and thirsty birds. Large enough (9.5x4x6.5″) for long windows. It has 4 dual suction cups that keep it well mounted & prevent squirrels from dropping it. Lest we forget the 3 green HQ rubbers on 3 sides of the tray and the uniquely featured rubber on the roof!
  • ONE OF A KIND DESIGN: The Birdious see-through bird feeder is weatherproof – It remains in place, even in windy winters. The top cover piece protects birds and seeds, from rain and snow. It remains dry due to its drain holes – they don’t allow water to remain in the tray & cells, so they prevent mold formation and seed mixing.
  • EASY TO USE & TO CLEAN: Easy to mount & very easy to clean as well. The 3-cell-tray is really steady, when mounted and removable, so you can clean and re-attach, in no-time. Mount it on your window to watch your favorite bird species by luring them right in front of you. You can mix 3 types of seed or 2 types of seed & use the extra section for water.
  • BEST BONUS GIFTS EVER: A lovely gift for your friends, family & kids – they will love it! The Birdious amazing package comes with 4 extra suction cups – instead of 2- so that you may put to good use, or you can just use them with your feeder, for the year to come. We also provide you with a Set of 4 amazing E-Books, with every purchase as a gift, to thank all our customers for their trust!
  • YOUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Birdious bird feeder, we provide you with a 100% full refund, no questions asked. As a company we want our customers, to always receive the most qualified products in the best possible prices and to provide the best services, we can.