The Ball Drop Stack’em Tower is a safe educational baby toy , and a great way to encourage repeated play, develop fine motor skills, and creative game competition for all ages. Ball drop is like a junior marble run and it will mesmerize your baby for hours as the durable giant marble like balls rattle and race around and down the tower ramps. Great value …..Your baby and future toddler can play for years. The plastic is strong. Your toy will last a long time.

Key Features :

· TWO sets each with 5-tiers towers for fun competitive play with Mom and Dad. Encourages your child’s social interaction and cause effect learning.

· Mix and match any way you like. Baby can learn to turn plastic ramps and adjust the speed of the ball drop (faster the better). Hint: Line up the holes so the ball drops at the top of the ramp not the middle

· 4 spinning activity balls and 10 multi-colored ball ramp layers in total

  • Acrylic balls with fun noises when rolled

· Can stack’em higher up to 9 layers for a 24 inch tower (toddler play)

· Educational: enhances fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and cause and effect learning

· You can also roll the stack on it’s side like a steam roller on fat surfaces

  • Mom and Dad ….. both Tower(s) easily break down and fit together. When you are finished you can stack all ten pieces in the storage position

· Ball Drop is rated for +9 months. Standards certified by 3rd party ASTM F 963-11 HP 9000 and EN71, 13P – Phthalate-Free”

Buy TWO sets and build FOUR baby towers or race with TWO 9 layer high towers.

Have fun with your baby, toddlers, and children with your Ball drop. Juguetes para bebes.


Product Features

  • TWO sets of 5 layers Ball Ramp for fun competitive play. Learn how to make the ball roll the fastest.
  • Play together, teach your baby to build their own marble run tower. Stack’em higher and watch the ball swirl and rattle it’s way down each ramp.
  • For aged 9 months and up. Marble run big balls. Safe product ASTM and EN71 certified – Phthalate-Free
  • Mix and match the building ramp colors with acrylic balls that have fun noises.
  • See who can put the pieces in the storage position. Can your toddler learn how, can your baby do it ?