GREENER CHEF’S 2-in-1 SET: Organic Bamboo Cutting Board + BONUS Utensil Set

Whether you’re chopping veggies or cheese, carving prime rib or spooning out dumplings, your kitchenware should be as natural as your food.
This set is beautiful, durable + completely free of surface chemicals. Because we’re like you – we don’t like chemicals in our kitchen either.

This set’s thoughtful design combines the functional items you need most for kitchen prep with natural serving elegance.

Whats in the set:
✔ medium-large 14.5 x 11.5 x 0.7 inch dual-purpose cutting board with drip groove + serving tray
✔ wide spoon 12 inches long
✔ flat spatula 12 inches long
✔ versatile tongs 12 inches long

This unique organic bamboo set is:
✔ Naturally anti-bacterial + free of chemicals, sealants + toxic materials
✔ Gift-worthy! Think Christmas, holiday, birthday, wedding, anniversary, Father’s or Mother’s Day, housewarming… or just to make your best friend love you (even) more
✔ Sold by a very small business (just a husband + wife team) devoted to satisfying the needs of every single customer
✔ Available exclusively on Amazon
✔ Guaranteed by a ★100% money-back guarantee★

To keep your board + utensils in tip-top shape, be sure to get a bottle of GREENER CHEF’S CUTTING BOARD OIL SPRAY to beautify and prolong the life of your board + utensils.

It’s time, friends. Upgrade your kitchen products now.

★Greener Chef is a teeny-tiny family business made up of a whole-foods nutritionist (me, Laura) and her superhero hubby (Brent). We share your passion for natural food + living, and thank you for supporting our cleaner, greener products and our family!